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Rezap Fault Master (Kelman)

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The REZAP is the leading low voltage cable fault auto-recloser in the UK. The REZAP Fault Master is the latest and most advanced version of the REZAP unit, building upon established features while adding powerful new communications and reporting tools

The REZAP Fault Master has been designed as a scalable platform on which new fault management and fault location technologies can be built

Benefits of using REZAP Fault Master include :
- Reduce response times.
- real-time information sent to engineers
- restoring power fast via remote operation
- REZAP lockouts avoided by ‘Auto Reset’
- removing dependence on customer natification of outage
- Reduce engineer workload.
- reducing the number of site visits
- Identify overload conditions.
- continuously logs load current
- distinguish between faults and overloads
- Aiding fault location.
- mobile phone controller
- fault-thumping mode
- data logger
- ability to prevent phase-phase re-close
- single ended fault location capability
- Find lost REZAP FM units.
- GSM based location service
- Managing the LV network.
- region and substation based data management
- easily see active REZAP FM units
- view fault history
- IIP reporting.
- reports outages and customer minutes lost by region or substation
- Investing in the future
- the REZAP Fault Master architecture is designed for scalability

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